PLANART Earth Conversion Therapy


Don’t look so sad for I have found us a new home. Thank you all for supporting Planart Earth Inc. for the last 10 years. I endeavored to make art that was worth thinking about, writings that were worth reading, and to make the whole presentation interesting, educational and always entertaining. Everything you saw and read was just an opinion, based on observations about all of us human beings living on this planet earth. Those opinions won’t change much, but the direction of my future art objects probably will.

So, “what is art”, some still discuss on blogs throughout the universe. In my college years, there were many an afternoon of “art for art’s sake” discussions over pizza and beers and I still see the value of that reason for making objects. But for now I just want to laze in a quiet oasis just up the trail from that holy art grail, and drink from it’s glimmering pools of desert infused concoctions.

So come along and visit our new home:

Health and Happiness to all,

Chris Cicala   2017

P.S. For those who want to live in the past, CLICK HERE